How can extend the service life of display cooler

Between the shell of display cooler and inner liner there is integral Angle steel frame support, its effect is equivalent to in cement precast board to put rebar, firmness increases greatly.

Diaplay cooler adopts imported stainless steel plate, the plate thickness is 0.5 or 0.8 mm, all evaporation pipes are made of high-quality copper coil and processed into wide profile. Stainless steel board surface is bright and clean good, whole board thickness is even, use proper ply to assure service life already long, make refrigerate to show ark exterior level off again firm. Copper pipe has better cooling effect than aluminum pipe or composite pipe, better corrosion resistance, high quality copper coil has the advantages of high cleanliness in the pipe and less pipe joints, which can effectively prevent the leakage or blockage in the refrigeration system. The circular tube is processed into a rectangle, so that the contact between the evaporator tube and the cooling tank changes from point contact to surface contact.

How can extend the service life of display cooler

After the door frame is welded and formed, the whole frame is formed by one-time foaming, which avoids the defects of the door frame not being assembled securely and the cabinet door falling off easily. There is now a wide variety of food available in supermarkets. The way food is laid out, the location, the visibility, it varies. Therefore, for the product design manufacturers of supermarket display cooler, how to respond to the needs of different foods displayed in supermarkets, and how to design a supermarket display cooler meeting these requirements has given a big subject.

Many small display cooler manufacturers did not use this framework and foaming method, because of the high technological requirements, foam equipment and foaming agent is expensive, difficult operation, can only be done regular powerful refrigeration equipment companies, the overall heat preservation effect is good, display cooler air conditioning is not easy to leak, power-saving effect is very obvious, the refrigeration system using life.

Refrigerated display the structural firmness of the cabinet put oneself in another's position of ark how, concern its service life directly. Overall steel frame forming advantages are obvious, in the past for the supermarket, supermarket display cooler products are basically in order to achieve refrigeration effect can meet business requirements. Nowadays, intelligent temperature control, mobile, anti-fog, high transparency for easy display, high intensity, temperature display, beautiful appearance, energy saving, and a series of demand functions are all required by supermarket businesses.

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